10 Tips For a Successful Exhibition

Exhibitions are an excellent way to market an organization or brand. They provide direct interaction with potential customers, patterns and networking opportunities. As much as digital marketing has provided great advertising platforms, face to face interactions and live demonstrations still remain the best strategies. Having a stand at an exhibition requires a lot of planning to ensure that you maximize all opportunities. Discussed below are ten tips for a successful exhibition.

Set goals

Before you book space at a trade show, set some measurable goals for your business. You need to know what you are looking to achieve from the exhibition. Come up with logical plans of how you will meet all your goals. Also, set realistic targets and the right team.

Competitor research

You need to have an attractive stand which will capture people’s attention. Before you prepare your exhibition stand, it is crucial to see how your competitor have presented their companies. This will help you come up with creative ways to present your firm and gain an edge over your competitors.

Choose the right exhibition

This step will require a lot of research. You need to know which exhibition will attract your target audience. Research about the event and ask relevant questions. You need to know the number of people who are expected at the event and the marketing strategy.

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People will notice the design of your stand first which means it has to be attractive. You can hire a design agency to help you come up with stand ideas that will showcase your objective. Additionally, consider the location of the event and items needed for transportation to and from the event.


Once you have confirmed your attendance at the trade show, you need to let people know that you will be attending. Invite all the relevant people to the exhibition. Use your social media platforms and website to spread the word. Include the date of the exhibition.

Ask questions

Open questions in such a setting are the best. They keep people talking instead of one-word answers. These questions will help you gather information regarding your products or services from clients.

Offer refreshments

A lot of walking and talking is done at exhibitions. Attendees end up getting tired quickly. Offering drinks and snacks is an excellent way of attracting visitors to your stand. Ensure that all refreshments offered are packaged with your brand or accompanied by a business card.

Use technology

When coming up with stand ideas, it is a good idea to incorporate technology. Use of LED touch screens, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are some of the trends gaining popularity at trade shows. Fortunately, you can customize them to suit your brand.

Think outside the box

Keep in mind that your competitors will be present at the exhibition. It is therefore essential to come up with unique booths that will help you stand out in the crowd. You should also choose the location of your stand wisely to ensure that visitor can spot it easily.

Make friends with your neighbors

Let your neighbors know what business you run and also find out about their business. Also, ensure that your stand is located in an area where you are in different business fields with your neighbors. With this, your neighbors can refer visitors to your stand, and you can also return the favor.

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